Training in WGT Baseball

Training in WGT BaseballTraining is crucial to your team’s success in WGT Baseball. Train each of your players in different categories based on their position to create the most effective lineup.

To choose your training options:

  • Open your “Training” screen
  • Choose the SKILL category you want to train
  • Select between TIMED training (using Coins) or INSTANT training (using Chips) and how long you want to train for
  • Click the (+) button next to each player’s name for the specific skill you want to train

Game Hints & Tips

Training options include General, Batting, Defense, and Pitching. Choose options based on amount of Coins, Energy cost, training time, and amount of training points.


  • General: Durability (to prevent injuries and reduce injury time)
  • General: Energy (ability to play more rival games, train players more)
  • General: Speed (increases the chance of stealing bases)


  • Batting: Coverage (affects how much of the batting zone a batter can cover)
  • Batting: Power (increases chances of hitting for extra bases)
  • Batting: Vision (increases ability to hit successfully)


  • Defense: Coverage (increases chances of a fielding out on defense)
  • Defense: Fielding (decreases chances of fielding errors)
  • Defense: Throwing (reduces extra base hits by your opponent)


  • Pitching: Coverage (affects how much of the batting zone a pitcher can cover)
  • Pitching: Power (makes it harder for opponents to hit safely)
  • Pitching Control (increases chances of throwing strikes)

Expert Game Tip

Unlock longer training options by training up your players’ Energy skill, new options are available at Energy skill levels 5, 9, 14, 18, 23, 28, 34, 38.

Train your team in WGT Baseball now at

25 Responses to Training in WGT Baseball

  1. Sam says:

    I’ve noticed that after playing games players receive boosts to certain attributes. Are those temporary or permanent and are they applied automatically after the game is finished?

    • WGT Baseball says:

      If you’re referring to the bonus training points your “key players” receive after a game, then yes, these are applied automatically to your players’ training point counts.

  2. paul miller says:

    how can i stop training i clicked 24hrs by mistake? or will i still be able to play the season while in training?

    • WGT Baseball says:

      It sounds like you’re clicking the “COLLECT+” button. You have two choices when you’re collecting training points — click “COLLECT” just to collect the points, or “COLLECT+” to collect your points and restart another training session, the same as whatever your previous selections were.

    • WGT Baseball says:

      As long as your players currently have enough Energy to play the game, they can be training at the same time. This won’t affect their performance during a game.

    • WGT Baseball says:

      If this was a “key player” bonus that you saw right after the game, these training points were awarded automatically to your player. These points are the same that you train for, just applied automatically.

      If you receive Training Point rewards from playing a Rivals Season for example, these will show up in your Roster screen. Just click ROSTER on your main screen, and change the “skill” choice (between General, Batting, Pitching, Defense) and if you have available rewards to collect, you will see a red flag in the “Rewards” column. Simply choose which player you want to give those rewards to and click the plus sign (+) next to their name in the Rewards column. These points just help you train these skills faster.

      • Randy says:

        Actually, when I am looking at my roster, next to his name is yellow circle and when I cursor over it it says “Training Bonus” with a countdown clock.

        • WGT Baseball says:

          Oh it sounds like this bonus is the one for having a friend on your team that also plays the game. When you “Collect” that, the Energy Reward is applied automatically and the Training Multiplier is active for 12 hours from then (so be sure to take advantage of this and train that player!)

  3. Jenkum says:

    What are the energy costs (for a 24 hr training period) for each ballpark? I would like to know how much I need to level up my player’s energy category before upgrading my stadium. Could not find that information posted anywhere. Thanks in advance!

  4. keith says:

    what exactly are the “points” given for each of the training modes…ie I train a pitcher for control for 4 hrs he starts with 8 what should i have after the trainig. actually for all training modes . I think it should be listed under the help guide itself…

    • WGT Baseball says:

      For a 4-hour training session, you get +75 training points. To see how many more training points you need to move a particular skill total up (ex: the “8″ that you mentioned) up, hover your mouse over the green progress bar for that player and you’ll see a fraction (something like 10/50). This means you currently have 10 out of the 50 points needed to move from an “8″ to a “9″ for that skill.

    • WGT Baseball says:

      Are you referring to numbers in parentheses? So it would appear as something like “20 (+1)” ? If so, the numbers in the parenthesis show extra skill points being applied to that player from different equipment you have equipped.

    • WGT Baseball says:

      You can only rename your team using Chips right now, so you’ll either have to buy more Chips or you can earn Chips by clicking the “Earn Chips” baseball on the main game screen.

    • WGT Baseball says:

      When you open the Roster screen, you will see large blue numbers under each skill type (for example: Durability, Max Energy, Speed…). These are the skill levels for each player. You may also see a smaller blue number next to these (within parenthesis) that show the bonus points that player has for that skill from any equipment they have currently equipped.

  5. Revvie says:

    As I train my players in batting, I notice that if I play against a stronger team, the Dynamic Batting blue circles are smaller, reducing chances for a base hit, while the circles are bigger when I play against a weaker team, increasing base hit chances. To extend the size of the circles, do I need to train my players more on Batting Coverage or on Batting Vision?

    • WGT Baseball says:

      That’s right. To increase the size of your coverage circle, you should train your Batting Coverage skill. You can also choose the “Contact” swing option to give you the largest coverage circle possible, but you’ll lose some power on the hit.

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