Stealing Bases in WGT Baseball

WGT Baseball: MLB Base StealingBase Stealing can make the difference between scoring a run(s) and leaving runners stranded on base. As a manager, it’s up to you whether to make the call or not for your players.

Game Hints & Tips

  • To steal a base, you must be in Manager Mode (button below scoreboard) during an at-bat with a runner on base
  • You can only steal 2nd or 3rd base – no stealing home yet – and it’s much easier to steal 2nd than 3rd
  • If you have bases loaded, your stealing options are disabled because of the runner at 3rd
  • See your base runner’s percent chance for a successful 2nd or 3rd base steal and then make your call
  • Slow runners don’t usually steal bases successfully so start training your players’ Speed skill
  • See base stealing stats to help make better lineup and stealing decisions

Expert Game Tip

Train your catcher’s Defensive Throwing skill to help throw out those base runners.

Attempt a steal in WGT Baseball now at

10 Responses to Stealing Bases in WGT Baseball

  1. Mark Jewett says:

    It says $264,000 for 1000 coins and I click on that and won’t let me buy them,what is going on? Is this game another scam to get people to buy with real money? I won’t play anymore if not able to use the chips I earned to buy coins,get it figured out!!

    • WGT Baseball says:

      It sounds like you’re trying to convert the earned Coins in the game into paid Chips. Currently there is no way to do this, what you’re seeing is how you can buy Coins (green) using paid Chips (yellow). You can get Chips by buying them through Facebook, or you can earn them by clicking the “EARN CHIPS” button and completing the offers there.

  2. Anthony Cormier says:

    every time i come back it says season starts tomorrow so i come back the next day and the season wont start whats going on

    • WGT Baseball says:

      Have you tried closing and reopening your browser window, then opening the game? Sometimes the game just needs to refresh and then you’ll be able to play your Season.

  3. Rob says:

    I`m in the middle of a season game, and the game has hung up loading the second innings, I don`t want to refresh and loose the match, What should I do?

        • WGT Baseball says:

          If you abandon a regular Rival game, mid-game without finishing it (by using the “Abandon” button), you don’t get anything (tie or loss). If you abandon a Season game, it will save your score as “0″ runs.

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